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"The Path" Part 5 Website Integration
What Is The Current Series About?
The following 7 trainings will go over separate features in RainMaker that, combined, form what we call "The Path." This series will highlight the benefits of why you need "The Path" and how to set it up. If you complete and apply all 7 feature trainings, you will have  “The Path.”
The Path Does The Following
  • Allows prospects to opt-in for more information on your website. This will automatically create a prospect contact in your RainMaker account and will eliminate manual entry by you or your staff.
  •  After they opt-in they will be brought to a profit generator where they can register for either a free or paid trial while their interest is at its peak.
  •  After they register, they will be able to book their first lesson.
  •  Once their first lesson is booked they will be taken to a page for them to electronically sign your waiver, so they are ready to hit the mat when they come in. 
  •  Your trial member will now be automatically followed up on via emails and text messages to remind them of their appointment, to help improve your show rate, and make sure to eliminate human error of forgetting to confirm appointments.
  •  If your prospect did not register for your paid or free trial, we will automatically follow up with them via email, tasks to team members, and text messages to convert them as well from Prospect to Trial Member.
Speaker For This Webinar:
Mike Andreasen
A.K.A "The RainMaker Guru"
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"The Path" Part I
Tags allow you to group contacts to be able to stay better organized, view specific groups in reporting, and allow you to target a specific group in your marketing efforts and also choose who not to market in certain areas.
"The Path" Part II
Available Appointments
Available appointments allow you to organize the different types of trial lessons you offer on your calendar, they also allow your prospects to be able to book their own first appointments via trial profit generators.
"The Path" Part III
Digital Waivers
Digital waivers allow you to stay organized and paperless. While helping save the environment you will also be able to customize your waiver to ask the information you need and have them sign to your waiver terms.
"The Path" Part IV
Trial Profit Generators
Trial Membership Profit Generators help flip that magical switch from a person of interest, to someone in your doors and ready for you to wow them on their way to becoming a full member. The simple online registration and checkout helps you automate this transition.
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