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New Rank Flow
What Is The Current Series About?
The theme of our current series is Flows. Flows are a valuable automation tool that help you do the following:

* convert prospects
* add value to current members
* increase merchandise sales
* eliminate human error
* create checks and balances
* increase retention rates
* and much more

In a flow you can select a very specific audience to send automatic emails, text messages, postcards, and tasks for your team to complete all off of a trigger. That trigger could be the student has not been attending class, became a prospect, joined a program, etc.

Each week we will cover the following on each flow type:
* how to build it
* tips and tricks
* proven methods from other RainMakers  

Join us each Tuesday at 12 noon Eastern for a live webinar on how to maximize your results from Flows.
What Flows will be covered?
  • New Member Flow
  •  Birthday Flow
  •  Missing in Action Flow
  •  New Rank Flow
  •  Missed Appointment Flow
  •  Former Member Flow
  •  Starts a Trial Flow
  •  Program Expires Flow
  •  Custom Trigger Flow
Speaker For This Webinar:
Mike Andreasen
"The RainMaker Guru"
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"Flows" Part I
New Member Flow
New Member Flows help you automate messages to your new members to welcome them to your school.  This flow is also great for selling merchandise like new student kits and also setting tasks for your staff to complete, so no task is forgotten.
"Flows" Part II
Birthday Flow
Birthday Flows help you automate messages to your  members to help you sell more birthday parties and merchandise.  This flow also allows you to ensure your member feels honored and special on their Birthday.
"Flows" Part III
MIA Flow
Missing in Action Flows help you save time, by not having to search through reports to see who you need to contact.  Automating this process also helps eliminate the human error of forgetting to follow up with your members when they have not been to class.
"Flows" Part IV
Former Member Flow
We tend to not even think about marketing our former member base.  This webinar will show you how RainMaker can assist you in getting the clients you want, back in your school.
"Flows" Part V
Custom Trigger Flow
RainMaker has many triggers to select from to start flows.  This video shows you how to make a custom trigger and the example is making a flow go out based on answers from an NPS Survey.
"Flows" Part VI
Prospect Flow
RainMaker has many triggers to select from to start flows.  This video shows you how to make a custom trigger and the example is making a flow go out based on answers from an NPS Survey.
"The Path" Part I
Tags allow you to group contacts to be able to stay better organized, view specific groups in reporting, and allow you to target a specific group in your marketing efforts and also choose who not to market in certain areas.
"The Path" Part II
Available Appointments
Available appointments allow you to organize the different types of trial lessons you offer on your calendar, they also allow your prospects to be able to book their own first appointments via trial profit generators.
"The Path" Part III
Digital Waivers
Digital waivers allow you to stay organized and paperless. While helping save the environment you will also be able to customize your waiver to ask the information you need and have them sign to your waiver terms.
"The Path" Part IV
Trial Profit Generators
Trial Membership Profit Generators help flip that magical switch from a person of interest, to someone in your doors and ready for you to wow them on their way to becoming a full member. The simple online registration and checkout helps you automate this transition.
"The Path" Part V
Website Integration
Web Forms help you save time by collecting your prospects information and entering them for you into your software. Webforms also help you guide the prospect on their way to trial membership by sending an automatic email or pushing them to your registration page of your trial.
"The Path" Part VI
Text/Email Reminders
Who answers the phone anymore from an unknown number? This makes it more difficult today to confirm and set appointments. Automatic text reminders get seen before any email or phone call and help improve your show rates to your intro lessons.
"The Path" Part VII
Prospect Flow
Prospect flows help you ensure that no prospect is left behind. You can send automatic emails, text messages, and give tasks to your team to ensure that each prospect gets the attention they need to take the next step and not waste any of your marketing budget used to capture their interest.
Every 3 months RainMaker does a full day in person workshop that will help you maximize your RainMaker account.  These workshops are not just for beginners, even seasoned RainMakers will get a lot out of the events.
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